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sexual dysfunctions - information, advice and treatmentOne of the key exponents of the power of manifestation and the Law of Attraction in everyday life is of Rhonda Byrne, who both produced the film The Secret and wrote the book of The Secret back in 2006 / 2007.

These were works which led to a vast, perhaps even exponential, increase in people's interest in the Law of Attraction and manifestation in everyday life.

One of the more interesting questions is whether or not those two works have actually in any way influenced the number of people who are able to succeed at manifesting their destiny and a ability to consciously create the world around them.

My guess is that that probably hasn't happened, and the fundamental reason for this is that although The Secret was a good exposition of several experts talking about how the Law of Attraction and  conscious creation actually work, there were not, in my judgment at least, many practical instructions or techniques which people could take away unused to consciously create their own destiny.

Suppose, for example, that you are a man who wanted to control premature ejaculation, and you went to The Secret to find out how you might go about manifesting a different sexual performance during intercourse with your beloved relationship partner.

I'm very much afraid that you wouldn't find much help there! What you would find is a series of general instructions about what you could do to improve the quality of your life, but very few practical tips that could transform the theory of manifestation & conscious creation into a real way of changing this particularly important area of your life.

Law of Attraction - Visualization

Law of Attraction and Visualization

But there's no reason why The Secret, and the Law of Attraction ideas about manifestation which lie behind it, couldn't be used in this way.

What I'd like to do is try and give you practical program which you can use to change your physical reality in a very important way after all, premature ejaculation is the most common sexual defect among men, and it's the one that men have most difficulty in finding a remedy for - chiefly because they are embarrassed about seeking help.

So obviously any way in which men can find a way of dealing with this problem, whether by conscious creation, or by finding someone who can help them with it, is going to be advantageous to the well-being of not only the men themselves but the partners with whom they are in relationship.

So the first thing you have to do is make a very clear intention to change your sexual performance that is to say, you have to decide exactly what you want to achieve, what is your desired outcome, in fact?

Having made that clear decision, the next step in the process is to find a technique you can use to improve your sexual performance in this case, this is Ejaculation By Command by Lloyd Lester. Now, note that you have to follow the instructions in this book very carefully, because it is a practical manual and it needs you to be serious about what you are doing!

And when you're following the instructions, you need to use the visualization techniques and the affirmation techniques that are set out in any form of conscious creation program.

Now, it's really important that you expect improvements to occur, because without expectation, you will definitely find results of the technique variable.

The key formula of really wanting something, then finding a formula or action plan by which you can manifest it, then expecting results to happen, and backing this up with the visualization of your desired outcome to reinforce the reality of that in your mind ("as if" it actually existed in your life right now) are all essential techniques that you can very easily use both alone and together with your partner to manifest the reality of much longer sexual performance.

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manifest with the law of attraction

Several of my clients have improved their sexual performance from just 30 seconds or so in bed between the moment of penetration and ejaculation to as long as 15 minutes which is the whole object of the exercise of conscious creation!

In this case, to be more specific, what you're trying to do is achieve a state of mind where you can actually ejaculate on command, by choice, when you wish to do so.

Certainly I do know that combining the Law of Attraction and manifestation is an unusual set of techniques to use for ejaculation control, but then - isn't that exactly the point about this technique?

That by extending the boundaries of what you know, and going beyond what is known to others, you can find yourself in a place where you're manifesting much better sexual performance, more sexual self-confidence, and great sexual self-esteem all of which can only help your relationship!